Akshay Ashok

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Akshay Ashok was ranked in the top 10 juniors in India and played on the Senior Indian, ITF and ATP Challenger tours. He brings a passion to his coaching along with his wealth of tennis knowledge, offering a truly personalised and positive coaching experience for all players.

Akshay started playing tennis when he was barely five years old. He soon started making headlines as a promising junior on the Indian circuit and was ranked amongst the top 10 in the country.

Having represented West Bengal in under-16 and under-18 national tournaments, he also played on the Indian senior tour and various ITF and ATP challenger tournaments around the world.

During his playing career he trained under some of the best coaches in India.

He then joined High Life, a leading Indian sports management company, to develop tennis, football and cricket from the grass roots to national and international levels.

Given the vast tapestry and diversity of India, his role entailed extensive travel throughout the country, building coaching infrastructure and conducting tournaments across age groups.

Akshay moved to New Zealand in 2012 to pursue a degree in Sports Management.

He currently represents the Browns Bay Racquets Club in the Chelsea Cup and the Herne Bay Racquets Club for the Caro Bowl and Reserve Teams.

Coaching Fees:

Cost per hour: $85
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Akshay Ashok