The Zones of Tennis

The Zones of Tennis

There are three zones on a tennis court and if you understand these zones it will help you make up your mind on what shot to hit.

Zone 1 is the defensive area of the court – it starts from the boundaries of the court to about 3 feet in front of the service line.

Zone 2, the attack zone, starts from that point to about 3 feet inside the service line.

Zone 3, the kill zone, is from 3 feet inside the service line to the net.

The area upon which you are standing should dictate your choice of shot too. Often we see one or even two great shots and then comes the poor shot selection, which produces errors due to lack of skills or utilisation of present skills.

The goal is to work for openings and set up a winning shot, not try and end the point from every position on the court.

Remember, a smart player uses the tools he or she has to limit the number of errors they produce, not create more chances for mistakes.

If you'd like to understand more about how using the zones of tennis can maximise your chances of winning, contact us for some private lessons and we'll demonstrate in person.

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