The Topspin Lob

The Topspin Lob

The topspin lob can be a great weapon against an opponent who crowds the net.

Although it looks like a tough shot to execute, with the proper mechanics, it’s relatively easy when you know how.

If you’ve ever seen a bowler follow through with his throwing hand high over his head, you’ve learned the secret to the topspin lob.

To hit the shot, start with your racquet head below the level of the ball prior to contact.

Then swing up and through the ball, lifting your racquet hand straight up immediately after contacting the ball.

That will create enough lift to get the ball over your opponent’s head and impart enough topspin to bring it down inside the court.

So, remember a bowler when you hit a topspin lob, and you’ll bowl over your opponent the next time he rushes the net.

Contact us for a topspin lob lesson and we'll show you how to add this shot to your arsenal.

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