The Goals of Performance

The Goals of Performance

All tennis players need goals to develop their skills.

Tennis players today have performance goals not results goals. I find every time I play a match I need to have just one thing on my mind for better performance.

My goal at present is to make my return of serve better, so the approach I have to every match is to improve on the quality of my return of serve.

How is this measured in my performance?  I measure it by the number of returns put in play during the match, the height characteristics of the ball when put in play, and the control I have in placement.

This is a goal of not whether I win or lose, but of winning through positive performance.

I use the goal of return of serve to keep the psychology of the game in balance for accountability of win and loss.

People need to focus not on the winning, but on the short-term practice of skills under match conditions.

If I focus on winning, my mind will be in the future and not on the present tense of watching the ball and executing the return.

How can you win if your mind is someplace besides on the skill which you are doing that second?

Remember to stay on the skill of the day or week in an individual match and you will start to see improvements... the mark of a true winner!

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